Why It’s Worth Including Google+ in Your Social Media Marketing Mix

Google+ Has over 400 Million Users Now? Tell me that joke again about how it's only used by Google employees.A number of small businesses are starting to feel social media fatigue. This is not surprising at all considering that tons of social networking sites are available, and it’s somehow difficult to know which social media is really worthwhile to use for business marketing.

Unfortunately, while most marketers have their eyes on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, it appears that Google+ usually remains on the sideline when it comes to social media marketing. There’s a good reason for this one since many marketers are wondering if it is actually a good idea to add another platform to their already full social media baskets.

However, before you toss in the towel on Google+, you might want to consider looking as to what these social medium can bring to the table first. With the continuous updates that Google is doing to improve its social media platform, Google+ might actually be the best arsenal you have in your marketing toolbox.

Google+ Author Information Appears in Google Search Results

If you have been using Google when doing your search recently, you have probably noticed that there are author details appearing in the search results. This feature actually displays the photo of the author of a content, which in turn allows Google+ users to find relevant content and at the same time let them add the author to their circles. Therefore, if you maintain a Google+ page and you publish content, your author information will appear next to the article you wrote when it appears in Google’s search results – a good way to receive exposure for your brand, site and, of course, yourself.

The number of Google+ users is increasing… fast

Google+ may have just turned one a couple of months ago, and Facebook is surely ahead of the game when it comes to the number of users. However, in a recent announcement done by Vic Gundotra, Google’s Senior Vice President of Engineering, their social networking site has already amassed 400 million members, with 100 million monthly active users.

In comparison, Facebook already had 955 million active users as of July this year, making its reach 10 times bigger than that of Google+. While Facebook seems at a big advantage in the statistics game, it should be noted that it actually them several years to reach the 100 million mark, which Google+ managed to accomplish in the span of 12 months.

Google+ is Completely Integrated with Google Search

For marketers, the secret recipe to gaining brand recognition is none other than exposure. And Google+ readily provides such opportunity for its users as it is fully integrated with Google Search. That is, Google is favoring its content over others. Hence, if you supplement your profile with spot-on descriptions and provide content relevant to your niche, there is a strong chance that they will appear in the search results.

Google+ Has All the Features You Need to Make Your Marketing Strategy a Success

Unlike other social networking sites that rely on third party applications for improved marketing, Google+ brings in all the features you need to make your social media marketing a breeze. From Google Analytics and Maps to Mail and Places, everything is available to you in one location. And of course, since Google+ is all about engagement, you cannot simply overlook the importance of unique features like Circles and Live Hangouts on Air, which will allow you to easily categorize your connections and spend a good amount of “face time” with several people at once, respectively.

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