How to Hire a Marketing Agency

01Jun, 2018

How to Hire a Marketing Agency According to Marketo (And How We Did!)

When you shop for a digital marketing agency, you need reliable ways to zero in on the one that’s right for your business. Here, we apply selection criteria from a third party – marketing automation company Marketo – to evaluate our own agency. In the process, it will become clear why we have the confidence to subject ourselves to this tough outside standard.


The 9 Questions Marketo Wants You to Ask

1. What ROI Can You Expect to See And When?

We work with our clients to define a benchmark for return on investment based on needs. As your agency, we do not tell you what your business goals should be or set a one-size-fits-all template for campaigns and spending. Instead, we listen to you and give you solutions to help achieve your goals. Once we put your customized marketing plan into action, you can typically expect to begin seeing improvements within about two months, sometimes sooner.

2. How Does the Agency Assess Key Performance Indicators?

KPIs are the metrics that provide the answer to the essential question: is this campaign earning money? They may include sales, leads and percentage of revenue increase. You will also look at how much each sale, lead or point of increase costs you to understand if the campaign is meeting your ROI goals.

Diagnostic Metrics help you understand changes in KPIs. For example, an increase in page views can correlate to an increase in sales. Likes, follows, rankings and mentions can also serve as important Diagnostic Metrics, but are not KPIs. Your ultimate goal is to get more sales, not more clicks; increased clicks that do not result in sales do not signal good performance. Your agency should understand the difference between KPIs and Diagnostic Metrics.

3. What Will Previous Customers Tell You About This Agency?

An agency that can point to specific past successes shows confidence in its track record. The Fang Digital Marketing website contains several case studies; you can read about specific ways we helped clients and about the resulting growth. Feel free to ask us for references from satisfied clients.

4. What Is the Experience And Background of the Professionals Who Will Work With You?

Fang Digital Marketing brings together top digital marketing professionals with experience that spans decades and a variety of industries. When I founded this marketing agency in December 2017, I did so with over 15 years’ worth of heading digital marketing campaigns for major companies such as Hilton Hotels. In the years since, I have assembled a team of seasoned professionals with experience working for large agencies and top companies, including Google and Bing-certified experts.

5. Does the Agency Outsource And, If So, To Whom?

While we bring in a contractor team as needed, our core team and campaign management stay strictly in-house. Every contractor we use undergoes the same testing and vetting process as our in-house team members.

6. What Is the Agency’s Area of Specialization?

We are a digital advertising media agency. Thus, our team provides expertise in a wide range of digital media such as search, social platforms and video. We work with various types of sites and offer an extensive selection of services. Other services, such as email, mobile, site design and video creative, fall outside of our expertise, so we partner with agencies specializing in these areas when the need arises.

7. How Do Client Contracts Work?

Our fees and costs vary depending on the marketing options you select. Typically, payment consists of a percentage of your media spend; a monthly minimum will apply. We usually have a minimum contract period ranging between three and six months. After the initial contract expires, you may go to a month-to-month, sign an extended contract or give a 30-day cancellation notice. We generally offer a reduction for clients who extend their contracts.

8. What Is the Agency’s Protocol for Providing Progress Reports?

As your campaign progresses, regular and detailed updates help you assess results and make strategic adjustments as needed. We generally provide a formal report once a month, discussing goals and KPIs. Some larger clients may benefit from a shorter weekly status call, which we are happy to provide. We aim to come up with an individualized reporting system that best suits your needs.

9. How Does This Agency Handle Meetings?

Typically, we conduct a reporting meeting once per month or per week, depending on the client. Most of our meetings take place on the phone, with myself and the management staff attending. In-person meetings may be held if a longer and more complicated discussion is anticipated.


3 Red Flags That Should Send You Running

For most of the above questions, the right answer depends on what you’re looking for. However, the following red flags are cause to avoid an agency:

1. Off-Putting or Minimal Online Presence

You would not hire a stylist who gives a terrible haircut. Similarly, a digital marketing agency with a poorly designed site or no social media engagement does not inspire confidence. Fang Digital Marketing prides itself on maintaining an excellent online presence. Our site design speaks for itself; we also provide informative content and answer questions across a number of platforms, including Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn and Quora.

2. Lack of Communication

There is nothing more nerve-wracking than handing your money to an agency only to meet with radio silence from then on. We know you need to keep track of your campaign, so we keep in touch with status updates and ideas. If you reach out with a question or concern, we return to you promptly.

3. Zero Track Record

How can you know what an agency can do if you can’t examine previous performance? Over its seven years, Fang Digital Marketing has worked with many diverse clients who continue to refer other businesses to us. Our track record boasts a long line of satisfied customers who do not hesitate to recommend us.

In addition to looking into Marketo’s list of issues, consider your business’s individual needs and ask questions about matters important to you. Please feel free to reach out and schedule a time to talk about what Fang Digital Marketing can do for your company.


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